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A Letter from Charles Buck II

This is a letter from Charles Buck II to his son, Thomas Buck VI (Junior in the letter).

Mr. Thomas Buck, Jwr.
Rockingham County
Two miles from Kezeltown

August 12th, 1812

Dear Tommy:

I have been waiting for a favorable opportunity to forward your Dismissions to you, but fearing I might detain them too long, have enclosed them herein and left them with your Brother Sammy to be sent on in the most direct manner he can.

I have the happiness of informing you that we are in usual health as are our connections in this place also, as far as I know of. I heard from Mr. Dawson’s a few days past, at which time nothing uncommon appeared with them.

Br. Hiter has returned to our neighborhood, he preached at Water Lick on Tuesday last, and is to be there again tomorrow, together with Br. Brice and an other Minister.

Charley has been from home better than a week, he went with a young man of the name of Brady, who has been lately Baptized at Bethel. They went towards Dumfries, I suppose the young man was going to be married. William has been talking of going to see you, but I suppose it will not be till after the association, as I have some expectation of going there, If I should be spared.

As I have nothing of a particular nature to write you (tho’ were I to employ my pen which perhaps I ought to do I might find many things necessary) I therefore recommend you and family, to the care of him who is able to protect you from harm, and abundantly to supply all your wants.

Your Mother and sister desires most affectionately to be remembered to you all and I likewise present to yourself, Amelia and the children, my sincere love and affection.

From your Father,

The known characters are:

Thomas Buck -- born 1777, the first born son of Charles Buck II. He was called “Junior” to differentiate him from his uncle Thomas Buck V but will be assigned “VI” to differentiate from all the other Thomas Bucks. He is often referred to as the “Rev. Thomas Buck”.

Sammy – Samuel Mountjoy Buck, brother to Thomas, born 1783.

Mr. Dawson – probably Thomas’s father-in-law, Rev. James Dawson.

Charley – Charles Buck III, brother to Thomas, born 1788

William – William Calmes Buck, brother to Thomas, born 1790. He was licensed to preach only a few days after this letter was written.

Amelia – Thomas’ wife, Amelia Dawson Buck, born 1783.

Children – In 1812, Thomas had three children: Annice, Mary and Samuel.

Places are:

Water Lick – land donated by Charles Buck II for a church, approximately one mile from his house.

Dumfries – the oldest chartered town in Virginia. It dates to 1690 and includes a harbor on Quantico Creek. Charles Buck I owned land there. Dumfries is probably near the land originally owned by Thomas Buck I.


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