Monday, April 30, 2007

Dorothy Buck (1654 - ?)

The younger sister of Thomas Buck II, Dorothy, was born in June of 1654 according to later court documents. At the unbelievably young age of eleven (correct: 11), Dorothy married Robert Tallant in 1665. To my knowledge, nothing else is known about Dorothy or, for that matter, Robert Tallant. If there is more information available, I’d sure like to know about it.

In his will, Dorothy Buck’s father, Thomas Bucke I, gave his house and land to his son, Thomas II. The rest of his estate was to be shared equally between Thomas II and Dorothy. Their guardians were Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond.

There is some speculation that perhaps Dorothy’s early marriage was a legal ruse to obtain her inheritance; however, there is no evidence to support this speculation.

Given the tendency to name children after spouses and siblings, it seems strange that the name “Dorothy” does not appear in the Buck family line again for many generations. Perhaps this is an indication of the number of missing branches from that tree or perhaps a very interesting story that has yet to be told!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thomas Buck II (ca 1652 – 1729)

There were many Thomas Buck’s in the early days of Virginia. The convention that is usually employed to distinguish between them is to begin numbering with the emigrant; thus Thomas Buck I (1618 – 1659) was the father of Thomas Buck II (ca 1652 – 1729). In their direct line are III, IV, V and VI. Thomas Buck VI died at the age of thirteen.

Thomas Buck II was certainly a minor, probably about six to eight years old when his mother and father died. His younger sister, Dorothy, was born in 1654 according to later court documents but his own birthdate is unknown. Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond became their guardians. In 1662, Thomas Buck II was still a minor and Richard Smith must have been the principal guardian although he was described as “one of the overseers”.

Thomas II married twice. His first wife is unknown but they had six children: Matthew, Mary, Thomas (III), Joseph, Benjamin and Nathaniel. Matthew was probably their first child and born about 1676; Joseph was probably born last, about 1684. Thomas Buck II outlived his first wife and all his children except for Joseph and Nathaniel.

Elizabeth Cosby was the second wife of Thomas Buck II. She was the widow of John Wooding, a skilled carpenter. Elizabeth Cosby Wooding Buck was named administrix of John Wooding's estate but John Wooding did not leave a will. Elizabeth married Thomas Buck II in 1698 after the death of John Wooding. Thomas Buck II then became co-administrator.

Since no children are mentioned in the will of John Wooding, he and Elizabeth probably had no children; she and Thomas Buck II had no children.

The will of Thomas Buck II, dated May 19, 1729, and probated less than a month later (June 16, 1729) is recorded in York County general records book No. 16, Part 2, Folio 60. The extant will was described as being very mutilated but does name his children and some grandchildren.

My thanks to a cousin, Barbara Murray, who clarified old assumptions about Thomas Buck II through careful research of the Williamsburg and Yorktown records.