Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Story


The Life and Times ...
By Gordon S. Buck Sr.


After some years of researching Buck family history, my dad, Gordon Sandlin Buck Sr., wrote his own memoirs, which he called "My Story". I promised to get his memoirs published and have (finally) done so. "My Story" is available at the Blurb website for print-on-demand self publishing.

My dad's memoirs begin with his early and fond memories of his grandfather, Matthew Masterson, in Decatur, Alabama. He wrote about growing up in Decatur and then being drafted into the army. In the army, he learned electronics and especially the details of radar. During World War II, my dad was installing and maintaining radar stations in and around Central America, especially the Panama Canal. After WWII, my dad eventually returned to radar as a civilian instructor for the Air Force in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The book is really a family book but I'm making it available on the Blurb website just in case someone else is interested. The first ten pages of the book can be previewed.

This was a good project and I hope seeing this book and realizing how it was done will encourage others to do so as well.