Friday, February 22, 2008

Thomas Buck V – Captain of Virginia Militia

A Lieutenant of Virginia Militia and county Magistrate at the age of 21, Thomas Buck V was Captain in the 8th Virginia Regiment during the Revolution.

On January 11, 1776 Thomas Buck V was commissioned Lieutenant of a company of militia while a resident of Dunmore County (now Shenandoah). In 1777 he was Adjutant under Colonel Joseph Pugh, Commandant of the Dunmore militia. On September 5, 1777, at Woodstock, he was unanimously chosen Captain of a company of volunteers dubbed “Buck’s Minute Men” of the 8th Virginia Regiment and went to Fort Pitt where he served for about four months. In 1778, by then a resident of Frederick County, he raised a company of volunteers and was elected Captain for about two months. These appointments and elections show a high regard for young Thomas Buck V, then only in his early twenties.

On May 8, 1793 Thomas Buck V was appointed Captain of Virginia militia by Governor Henry Lee (Lighthorse Harry Lee) and served during the Whiskey Rebellion.

Thomas Buck V was allowed a pension on October 1, 1833 (Claim S. 16,672) for his military service during the Revolutionary War. In all he had served six months duty in the Virginia militia. He explained “I, being a minuteman, did not enter the regular service, for I had a big family I could not well leave for lengthy service. I was always ready for emergency.” At the time, it was acceptable to furnish a substitute for military service but only the wealthy could afford to do so.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson

Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson were married on Dec 14, 1774. Anne Richardson (daughter of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes) was born on Oct 10, 1756. Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson had the following children:

William Richardson Buck, born Feb 28, 1776
Isabella Buck, born Jan 9, 1778
Henrietta Chew Buck, born May 16, 1779
Mary R. Buck was born May 16, 1781
Samuel R. Buck died about 1782
Miriam Buck was born Apr 28, 1784
Mary Ann Buck, born Nov 18, 1787
Marcus Calmes Buck, born Nov 7, 1789
Rebecca Richardson Buck, born Feb 13, 1792
Elizabeth Price Buck, born Sep 5, 1794
Thomas Buck was born Nov 7, 1796
Catharine Buck was born Feb 7, 1799
Isaac Newton Buck, born Mar 22, 1801
Letitia Amelia Buck, born Apr 7, 1803.

Four of their children, Mary, Samuel, Miriam and Catharine died in infancy.

Anne Richardson died on April 3, 1823. She was buried in Buckton Cemetary, Virginia.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Thomas Buck V (1756 – 1842)

Thomas Buck V, the third and youngest son of Charles Buck I, was born on June 10, 1756; his mother was Letitia Sorrell Buck. Thomas was full brother to Charles Buck II and half brother of John Buck. He was born in Frederick County, Virginia and lived all his life in Virginia. At a young age he moved across the river from the family farm in Buckton to Front Royal where he lived most of his life. His home in Front Royal, Bel Air, still exists although extensively remodeled and no longer owned by a member of the Buck family.

Thomas Buck V was a member of the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War and received a pension for his service. He was a strong civic, business and Baptist leader. He became wealthy and his descendants were prominent in the area for many years.

Like his brothers John and Charles, Thomas married one of the Richardson sisters. Both Thomas and Anne were only eighteen when they married in 1774. With three Buck brothers having married three Richardson sisters, it’s no wonder that there was said to be a certain “look “ to the thirty-two grandchildren of Charles Buck I !

As will be seen from the next series of postings, much more is known of Thomas Buck V than of his father or brothers.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Death of Charles Buck II

Charles Buck II died August 2, 1823. In his will, he divided his land into parcels of equal value and distributed them to his children. The house, household possessions and land immediately surrounding the house were left to his wife, Mary Richardson Buck, who survived him.

Charles and Mary Buck were buried in the Buck cemetery near their house. His brother, Thomas, and Thomas’ first wife, Ann, are buried alongside them.

Charles Buck II had inherited the old homestead from his father. His son Thomas bought it from the other heirs after the death of his father and mother. Later the house was owned by John Gill Buck, William A. Buck and Meredeth Helm Buck. The house surrounding land was sold in 1917 and a new house was built. The original chimney remained and was part of the new house.

His son, William Calmes Buck, wrote "My father was an extensive farmer and both of my parents were members of the Baptist Church, having united with the church when young, in the times when Baptists were sorely persecuted in Virginia; and they were models of Christian excellence during their lives.”