Saturday, January 19, 2008

Silhouettes of Charles and Mary Buck

In 1996, my dad, my son and I visited Front Royal, Virginia to research our roots there. The Warren Heritage Society was one of the main resources that we wanted to investigate. Unfortunately, we were only able to be there a few hours. Even so, we were able to learn a lot about the early Buck family in the Front Royal, Virginia area.

While browsing through some files, I came across one labeled simply “Charles Buck and Mary Richardson” and peeked into it. The file contained only these two silhouettes – no references, no sources, no notes. No one at the Society had any additional information. I took these photos of the silhouettes.

I have no idea whether these silhouettes are authentic or not but I’ve decided to use them to represent Charles and Mary Buck – my great, great, great, great grandfather and grandmother.


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Keary O'Flaherty said...

I recently found an old leather bound First American Edition book entitled "The Works of the Reverend Charles Buck; Late Minister of the Gospel". It was published in 1822 by the McCarty-Davis Company in Philadelphia. It appears that it was a series of books from him, this being Volume 3. Inside it has several names enscribed. James Parnett, Anthony Snyder and with penmenship enscription, Peter Snyder, Northumberland County, Augusta Twp. PA. dated January 17th 1846. There was also a newpaper clipping dated Mar 21 (year unknown) The Sitting Room; a poem about Conscience and Judgement. But even more interesting was what was on the back. A story about a farmer in Witchta, Kansas (James Surtee) who was shot and killed by a man name farthing who had rented some land off the farmer and had jumped out of his wagon and shot the farmer over a land dispute (??Farthing was who shot him) Also a notice about railway damage caused by Ohio River Flooding. And a story about a man named Hiram Richmond, a young lawyer from Meadville, PA. who left a suicide note for his wife in the Metropolitan Hotel in NY before he shot himself. The suicide not was included in the article. A very interesting find that I would be eager to learn more about.