Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Richardson Sisters

In 1774, the three sons of Charles Buck I married three daughters of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes. Charles II married Mary; Thomas V married Anne and John married Miriam. These three families had thirty-two children. Not surprisingly, Bucks were said to have a certain “look” for many generations!

William Richardson was born on December 26, 1712 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He died in 1768 in Frederick County, Maryland. William Richardson was a Quaker and was educated by private tutors according to the teachings of the Society of Friends. About 1751, he settled in western Maryland near Frederick City. He was wealthy and his home was a social center as well as a meeting place for religious services. William Richardson and Isabella Calmes were married in August 1746. Isabella Calmes was the daughter of Marquis Calmes II and Winnifred Waller. She was born in 1728 and died on June 10, 1796. She was buried in Buckton Cemetery, Virginia – the oldest grave there.

Very little is known about Mary, Anne and Miriam Richardson Buck. They were loved and respected by their children but mentioned only briefly in a few memoirs. Although their father was a Quaker, it seems that Mary, Ann and Miriam joined the Baptist Church with their husbands and their children were raised as Baptists.

Prior to the generation of the Richardson-Buck children, most people used only a given name and surname. Many of the Richardson-Buck children had middle names as well. The Richardson and Calmes families were highly regarded and those surnames were given as middle names to several of the Buck children.