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John Buck (1748 - 1815)

John Buck, born on December 27, 1748 near Buckton, Virginia, was the oldest son of Charles Buck I. His mother was Anna Sorrell Earle, the first wife of Charles Buck I.

John Buck and Miriam Richardson were married in 1774. Miriam Richardson (daughter of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes) was born on Dec 27, 1748. She died in 1825. John Buck and Miriam Richardson had the following children:

Charles Buck
Anne Buck
Miriam Buck (died in infancy)
Peter C. Buck
Isabella Buck
Elizabeth Buck
Isabella Miriam Buck
John L. Buck
William Richardson Buck
Sarah Buck.

John Buck was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Militia and is often referred to as Colonel John Buck. He also was Tax Commissioner and later Sheriff of Frederick County, Virginia (formerly Orange County, now Warren). John Buck is listed as a justice of Dunmore County on October 26, 1773 in "Justices of the Peace of Colonial Virginia, 1757-1775", Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Vol. XIV, Nos. 2, 3, pages 114, 123. His name appears regularly in the court records of 1778.

About 1785, perhaps as late as 1790, John Buck emigrated to Kentucky along with Marquis Calmes IV, Marquis Richardson, John Richardson, Benjamin Coombs and Samuel Price. These were among the early pioneers of Kentucky. John Buck settled in Woodford County near what is now the town of Versailles. He was the first postmaster to serve the citizens of Versailles.

John Buck died in 1815 (although his death is given as in 1816 by Blakemore). He was buried in Lexington, Kentucky; his grave is near the Henry Clay statue.

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