Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Death of Charles Buck II

Charles Buck II died August 2, 1823. In his will, he divided his land into parcels of equal value and distributed them to his children. The house, household possessions and land immediately surrounding the house were left to his wife, Mary Richardson Buck, who survived him.

Charles and Mary Buck were buried in the Buck cemetery near their house. His brother, Thomas, and Thomas’ first wife, Ann, are buried alongside them.

Charles Buck II had inherited the old homestead from his father. His son Thomas bought it from the other heirs after the death of his father and mother. Later the house was owned by John Gill Buck, William A. Buck and Meredeth Helm Buck. The house surrounding land was sold in 1917 and a new house was built. The original chimney remained and was part of the new house.

His son, William Calmes Buck, wrote "My father was an extensive farmer and both of my parents were members of the Baptist Church, having united with the church when young, in the times when Baptists were sorely persecuted in Virginia; and they were models of Christian excellence during their lives.”

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randolph said...

I went to E. C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a classmate was Chuck Buck. This was back in 1950s era. Is it possible to reach him via this post?