Sunday, January 13, 2008

Charles Buck II (1750 - 1823)

Charles Buck II was born on October 28, 1750 in Frederick County, Virginia to Charles Buck I and Letitia Sorrel, his second wife. Charles II was the second son of Charles I. He lived all his life in Virginia.

Like his father, Charles II was an ardent sportsman but his life was greatly influenced and he was led into the Baptist faith by the Rev. James Ireland, a pioneer Baptist preacher of early Virginia. Charles II donated land near Buckton for the building of a Baptist church and a residence for Ireland. Charles Buck II and his younger brother, Thomas Buck V, were messengers from the Water Lick Church to the Ketoctin Association in 1795. Two of his sons, Thomas and William, became prominent Baptist ministers.

Family lore is that Charles Buck II was a prisoner of war during the Revolution, aboard a British ship in Charleston harbor, but no record has been found of his military service.

Charles BUCK II married Mary Richardson, daughter of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes, April 3, 1774. Mary Richardson was born on Aug 31, 1752.

Charles BUCK II and Mary RICHARDSON had eight children:

William Calmes BUCK I, born August 23, 1790
Letitia BUCK, born in 1776
Thomas BUCK, born November 15, 1777
Sarah BUCK, born in 1780
Samuel Mountjoy BUCK, born in 1783
John BUCK, born in 1785
Charles BUCK III, born in 1788
Mary Richardson BUCK, born in 1792

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