Friday, February 8, 2008

Thomas Buck V (1756 – 1842)

Thomas Buck V, the third and youngest son of Charles Buck I, was born on June 10, 1756; his mother was Letitia Sorrell Buck. Thomas was full brother to Charles Buck II and half brother of John Buck. He was born in Frederick County, Virginia and lived all his life in Virginia. At a young age he moved across the river from the family farm in Buckton to Front Royal where he lived most of his life. His home in Front Royal, Bel Air, still exists although extensively remodeled and no longer owned by a member of the Buck family.

Thomas Buck V was a member of the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War and received a pension for his service. He was a strong civic, business and Baptist leader. He became wealthy and his descendants were prominent in the area for many years.

Like his brothers John and Charles, Thomas married one of the Richardson sisters. Both Thomas and Anne were only eighteen when they married in 1774. With three Buck brothers having married three Richardson sisters, it’s no wonder that there was said to be a certain “look “ to the thirty-two grandchildren of Charles Buck I !

As will be seen from the next series of postings, much more is known of Thomas Buck V than of his father or brothers.

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Tim Cavender said...

William Richardson Buck...

William Mason Buck.....

Alvin Duval Buck.....

Orville Major Buck, b. 1877....

Orville and 2 other gentlemen built a stone lodge, 1934, in Clay County, WV; This print of Bel Air had always been a mystery to my family after we purchased Rough Ashlar in 1963. I have many photos of Orville, and 1 in particular that I speculate was taken in about 1905 at Front Royal showing about 9 family members (there is a strong likeness). Also I have a photo of Bel Air (columns) taken at the same period.

Here is a link to my scanned print of Bel Air.

Tim Cavender
South Charleston, WV