Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Children of Thomas Buck V


As noted previously, Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson had fourteen children, of whom four died in infancy. It often seems as though Thomas’s family has been better documented than has the families of his brothers John and Charles Buck II. This additional documentation could be related to Thomas’s family living in the town of Front Royal whereas the families of John and Charles were more rural. However, the additional information is probably more due to the efforts of Buck family researchers and writers such as William Mason Buck, Maurice Neville Blakemore and Walter Hooper Buck who were descendants of Thomas Buck V.

The more noted and documented children of Thomas Buck V include:

· William Richardson Buck (1776 – 1823) married Lucy N. Blakemore

· Isabella Buck (1778 – 1844) married Captain Hezekiah Conn

· Henrietta Chew Buck (1779 – 1872) married Spencer Neville Calmes

· Mary Ann Buck (1787 – 1851) married George Bayly

· Marcus Calmes Buck (1789 – 1845) married Elizabeth P. Drake

· Rebecca Richardson Buck (1792 - 1878) married William R. Ashby

· Elizabeth Price Buck (1794 – 1871) married George N. Blakemore

· Isaac Newton Buck (1801 – 1877) married Janet Urquhart

· Letitia Amelia Buck (1803 – 1885) married John Mauzy Blakemore.

The next several posts will focus on these children of Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson as well as some of their grandchildren.

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