Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson

Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson were married on Dec 14, 1774. Anne Richardson (daughter of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes) was born on Oct 10, 1756. Thomas Buck V and Anne Richardson had the following children:

William Richardson Buck, born Feb 28, 1776
Isabella Buck, born Jan 9, 1778
Henrietta Chew Buck, born May 16, 1779
Mary R. Buck was born May 16, 1781
Samuel R. Buck died about 1782
Miriam Buck was born Apr 28, 1784
Mary Ann Buck, born Nov 18, 1787
Marcus Calmes Buck, born Nov 7, 1789
Rebecca Richardson Buck, born Feb 13, 1792
Elizabeth Price Buck, born Sep 5, 1794
Thomas Buck was born Nov 7, 1796
Catharine Buck was born Feb 7, 1799
Isaac Newton Buck, born Mar 22, 1801
Letitia Amelia Buck, born Apr 7, 1803.

Four of their children, Mary, Samuel, Miriam and Catharine died in infancy.

Anne Richardson died on April 3, 1823. She was buried in Buckton Cemetary, Virginia.


Ann said...

William Richardson Buck married Maria Flowers. Established home (Magnolia Grove) near Port Gibson, Ms. Their daughter, Miriam Richardson Buck married my greatgrandfather James Waterman Watson. Both WR Buck and his son WH Buck died at Enola which is my current home near Waterproof, La.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

Thanks for the information, Ann. I believe that the William Richardson Buck who married Maria Flowers (there are four WRB!) was the son of Col. John Buck who was the brother of Thomas.

Ann said...

Correct, he was the son of John Buck.

William Richardson Buck, W. H. Buck, Caroline Buck, and several others are buried in the old cemetary in Port Gibson, Ms.