Thursday, March 1, 2007

Associates of Thomas Buck I

In the few records that exist, the following names are somehow associated with Thomas Buck I.

In 1635, William Neesun is listed on the passenger list of the ship George just before Thomas Buck; George Smith is listed just after Thomas Buck.

In the court case of 1658, Robert Goffe is described as the indentured servant of Thomas Buck. Alexander Sanderson testified on behalf of Robert Goffe. Edward Pierce, John Cooper, Henry Walton and Henry Towson testified on behalf of Thomas Buck.

In the will of Thomas Buck, 1659, Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond were listed as overseers of the estate and guardian of his children, Thomas and Dorothy Buck. The bills of Thomas Packman, Randolph Rhoades, George Falkner and Mr. Pansdale are included in the inventory of the estate of Thomas Buck. Gregory Rue, Henry Russ and Elizabeth W. Frie were witnesses to the will.

After his death, the court ordered payments to Jeffrey Moore and Edward Wade from the estate of Thomas Buck for their appraisal of his estate. John Overstreet was paid for treatments to the wife of Thomas Buck.

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