Friday, February 23, 2007

The Will of Thomas Buck I

This is the will of Thomas Buck I (1618 ‑ 1659), the progenitor of the Buck Family of Virginia. Apparently, he and his wife died about the same time leaving their two children, Thomas and Dorothy, both minors, to be raised by guardians. At the time the will was transcribed, it was said to be in poor conditions with some sections unreadable. I assume some of his will, as written below, may have been filled in by using the standard forms of the day; however, I don't know if that was actually done.

The last will and TESTAMENT of mee Thomas Bucke, being very sicke and weake in body but in perfect memory:

First, I bequeath my Soule to God that gave itt, trusting in ye meritts of Jesus Christ that itt shall be everlastingly saved, and my body to be burryed.


It: I give unto Thomas Bucke, my sonne, the Land and housing and further I give to my sonne Thomas Bucke, and Daughter Dorothy Bucke my cattle and hoggs, and household stuffe to be equally divided between them, with the servants and all other of my estate to be divided between my Sonne and Daughter when they come to age.

It: I give to my Sonne Thomas Bucke and my Daughter Dorothy Bucke my horse and mare and coult and their increase.

And further I appoint Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond overseers and guardians of my children and their estate and I leave Richard Smith and Nicholas Bond full and whole Executors of ye Estate for my children, and I do appoint that my children be brought upp to learning, Read and Wright, and in Ye fear of God, and this I doe order my debts and funeral charges being paid -- confirming this my last will and Testament, with my hand and Seale this 23rd. of October 1659.

My cattle not to be transferred off ye ground.

Thomas Bucke (Seale)

Testes -- Gregory Rue
Henry Russ
Elizabeth W. Frie (Mark)

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