Friday, March 16, 2007

The Furniture of Thomas Buck I

After his death in 1659, the estate of Thomas Buck was inventoried and that list has survived. The furniture of Thomas Buck is referred to (actually only mentioned) in the book “The Furniture of our Forefathers” by Esther Singleton, published in 1916 by Doubleday, Page and Company.

Of sufficient interest to be included in the book were
- 4 lined back chairs
- 3 wainscot chairs
- 1 hide couch
- 1 wainscot couch
- 1 frame table
- 2 joint stools
- 1 little stool.

Not mentioned in the book but interesting furnishings include
- one looking glass
- one carpet

A looking glass was said to be somewhat unusual and expensive, even in England, before about 1660.

A carpet was not a floor covering; it was a rough cloth for covering a table or cupboard.

The estate of Thomas Buck also included two beds: one was described as a feather bed with bolster and two pillows; the other as a flock bed with bolster. Various bed linen and sheets were included. Some of the bed linen was described as being for a child’s bed.

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