Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thomas Buck IV (ca 1715 – ?)

Before moving on to Charles Buck, whom we now begin to call Charles Buck I, a few notes about his brother, Thomas Buck IV, are appropriate. Once again, we know little of this Thomas Buck except that he was born in York County, Virginia. We do not know the name of his wife or even if he married.

It has been speculated that, when Charles Buck left York County for the Shenandoah Valley, his brothers Thomas IV and John were with him. This would have been about 1735. My grand-uncle, Hubert Nelson Buck, believed that Thomas IV eventually settled into North Carolina; however, there is no data to support this.

Here is an interesting advertisement from 1739:

Virginia Gazette, July 27 - Aug. 3 1739: "Advertisements - Stol'n or Stray'd, from the Subscriber, in Williamsburg, about the 16th Day of June last, a young dark grey Horse, branded on the near Buttock with a Hook, has a long Switch Tail, and a long Mane hanging to the left Side, with a white Streak in his Forehead. Whoever will bring the said Horse to the Subscriber living near the Capitol, shall have Ten Shillings Reward. Thomas Buck"

According to my data, this particular Thomas Buck was probably the one now called Thomas Buck IV. If so, he was still living in Williamsburg in 1739.

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